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Pool Covers

Should I Cover My Pool?

Why should you cover your pool? Reasons vary amongst pool owners. Some people cover their pool to help maintain heat, prevent evaporation, reduce chemical loss, aid in pool maintenance & cleaning, and safety. What-ever the reasons, there are three basic types of covers: solar, seasonal, and automatic.

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Pool Cover Options

Solar/Heating Blanket Covers


Solar Covers are covers that typically sit on top of the water to help maintain heat. These are NOT safety covers & should be used with caution around children, pets, & differently abled adults.

Seasonal Covers


Looking to close down your pool for the season? Seasonal covers are not covers that you want to put on or take off daily. They are designed to cover the pool and allow water to pass through without letting in debris.

Automatic Safety Covers


Automatic vacuums can replace the requirement of fencing for some permit authorities. The are the highest rated for safety, and are easy to use to cover and uncover your pool daily!