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Sun Drenched Pools


Water Filtration

Filter Options

After dirty water is pumped out of the pool, it passes through a filtration system. The most common two forms of filters are sand & cartridge filters. Diatomaceous Earth is another option, but generally more expensive & difficult to use for most homeowners. Cartridge filters do not require backwashing like sand filters require. Backwashing  leads to water and chemical loss. 

Our standard package includes a cartridge filter with 150 square feet of surface filtration area. Investing in a larger filter will help reduce regular cleanings and maintenance.

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Jandy Filters

Jandy CS Filtration System


The Jandy CS filtration line is a single filter system that comes in a couple optional sizes. The Jandy 150CS is included in our basic installation package.

CL/CV Filtration Systems


Jandy's CL & CV lines are cartridge filtration systems that have four filters inside the system. These larger filtration options reduce your maintenance and cleaning schedule!

Jandy's Full Line


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