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Heaters & Cooling Options

Extending The Swim SeaSon

Did you know that in our market you could extend the swim season by 4-6 months! Installing a heater could mean that you get to enjoy your pool well beyond the typical "swim months" of summer! 

Start swimming early in Spring when the air warms up but the water is still cold! We are generally in shorts by St. Patricks Day! Swim late into fall when the water temperature drops due to the fluctuating colder air temps! How many Thanksgivings have you been in shorts dreaming of an open pool! Are you a polar bear? Heat your pool in the dead of winter! We even offer chiller units to cool your pool's "bath tub" water in the sweltering heat of summer! 

Heating options vary greatly, so take your time to learn and understand what option may work best for your family! 

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Heat Pumps


Heat & Chiller Pumps are energy efficient, but take more time to heat the water. They have limitations in colder temperatures.

Gas Heaters


Gas Heaters heat faster and work in all temperatures, but are more costly to operate on an ongoing basis.

Solar PV


Solar Heaters could help eliminate your electric bill while allowing you to take advantage of a tax deduction.



Live in an extremely hot climate? Cool your pool when it turns into a "bath tub" in the dead of summer!