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Installation Process

Premium Quality Installations & White Glove Customer Service

Sun Drenched Pools focuses on premium quality & craftsmanship. We only sell San Juan Fiberglass pools, a premium fiberglass product with over 61 years in the industry. We offer high quality installations, NEVER skipping vital steps to reduce cost. We pride ourselves on  white glove customer service, our customers are TOP priority. 

Our installations include steps that the majority of our market skip to reduce cost. Rather than racing our competition to the bottom line price, we offer a long term approach to our installations. We consider all the issues that fiberglass pools may suffer after they are built, and try to minimize problems for the future. A little extra cost upfront for craftsmanship and quality can save you a lot of money and headache in the future.

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We physically mark the area for the project prior to the start of construction. Often we do this during the design process for a visual.

Dig Plan


The use of a dig plan aids in preparation of the pool hole. It helps to ensure that the pool will sit at the exact desired elevation needed to complete the project. 



We use the aid of stakes, string lines, and a surveyors transit to ensure that we grade the bottom to the exact elevations we need. 



After digging the pool hole, we compact the area to assist with settling of the shell once we begin to add the weight of water. We add sand, & sometimes rock to help create a stable base for the pool bottom.

Sump Line


Ever heard of a pool shell "popping" or issues with the high water table? We install an underground rock filtration system in the pool hole prior to install. This assist us in the installation in case of an abundance of ground water, and is left capped and hidden incase its needed in the future.

Pool Delivered


Fiberglass pools are delivered direct from the San Juan Fiberglass Pool factory in Lakeland, FL. We use the aid of a boom truck or crane to lift them off the truck and into the pool hole!

Level Pool


After delivery, we use landscape timbers and bottle jacks to hold the level of the pool from shifting once we start to add water and backfill. We also consistently check the elevation with a transit, stakes, and string lines!

Plumbing & Fittings


Now that we have a pool we can start hooking together the pool plumbing. Prior to adding the equipment, we must first pass a pressure inspection to ensure that there are no leaks in the  plumbing!

Water In Pool


Water is put into the pool with the use of a garden hose. The water must be added at the same time as the backfill to help equalize the pressure inside and outside of the pool shell so that the pool doesn't bow in or out.




The use of clean washed fine grade sand is used to backfill the pool. 

 NEVER use the same dirt from the hole to backfill your pool. This can eventually lead to settling issues which can damage your pool, deck, or enclosure. We wash down the sand for tight compaction. We also walk the bottom of EVERY pool to ensure that there are no areas that are hollow under the shell.  

Concrete Footer



Everyone of our installs is finished with a concrete footer 1' wide by 1' deep, and includes two pieces of #4 rebar. The concrete footer stabilizes the pool and helps prevent future settling or shifting of the pool shell. 

Deck & Custom Features


The deck and custom features are typically the last part of the project! Depending on the options in the project design, customization can extend the installation completion time for the entire project. Typically the pool is already up and circulating!